5 Video Game Kickstarters That RAN AWAY With Your MONEY!!!: RPG Edition | KickScammers

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  1. From what I understand matsuno had next to nothing to do with unsung story and was basically just getting used by playdek as a name drop

    Matsuno has only done light contributions to games for awhile now, usually writing little scenarios or extras.

  2. Cryamore. You forgot Cryamore.
    All that money pledged so many years ago, and NOTHING to show for it.
    Where's the game, Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi?
    Where's the game?

  3. Honorary mention to Yogscast crew who to this day got away with their own scam, handing all the disgruntled backers to another set of scammers making the game "TUG" who pulled the game off the store some months ago, effectively making backers of both games victims of scam

  4. This is untrue, and details of this defamation against our dev team and our project has been listed on the community hub forum and announcement.

    We're very sorry about how this rumor has gone out of hand, and we'd be more than welcome to answer any questions you may have.

    HIROAKI YURA Producer/Director Tiny Metal

  5. To be fair, Area 35 have unilaterally denied Lacy's claims, which he did not sufficiently back up mind you. I'm all for hearing out a whistleblower, but let's not herald every single one as a long-suffering, conflicted pawn-turned-hero without adequately investigating their claims. Some of them just want attention or are viciously vindictive, desirous to defame their former employers by any means necessary, whether by stretching the truth out of proportion or all out lying.

    I think I'd rather wait it out until after a verdict is reached within the court case before passing judgement. We just don't know enough one way or the other.

  6. If I ever make a game it will probably be a turn based RPG or strategy game. I thought about making a kickstarter for a retro game in the vein of Chronotrigger once but 1: I am a shitty programmer and have NO graphic design experience- even with sprites and 2: the game idea used characters that were obviously copy written and was an extension of a table top game I played once. Which is fine as a fan game so long as you stay away from Nintendo, at least until you crowdfund it…

  7. Project Phoenix had some really significant problems from the get-go. Tiny Metal aside, even before we knew about that, there were massive delays while they waited on the lead programmer, David Clark, to finish up his work on Ori and the Blind Forest. By the time he finished with that game, he had already committed to other obligations and couldn't even work on Project Phoenix. So development had stalled for over a year waiting on a guy that ended up not even joining the team. They hired a PR guy to start cranking out updates and explain the delays, but you could tell that even he was struggling to come up with something substantial to say. If this game ever sees the light of day, it's almost certainly going to be a cobbled together mess.

  8. Got to hand it to Little Orbit to take over the project out of there own pocket and to take the backers as there own is a Major risk and I have to give Major kudos

  9. I was actually tempted to back Unsung Story, but the whole Kickstarter seemed a bit off and I had doubts. When I was about to be a massive idiot, bite the bullet and back the game despite my previous misgivings. I found out it had been backed. So I decided to wait until it was available for pre-order and purchase it. I usually refuse to pre-order anything. But I loved Final Fantasy Tactics enough to make me temporarily change my mind. Sadly after a few years I realized that circumstances had saved me from making a full on mistake and every since then decided I will never back anything on any of the crowd funding sites.
    Yes I admit that's a harsh attitude to take, but until Kickstarter, Indiegogo and any other crowdfunding sites actually take the time to start properly moderate their sites and institute some sort of deterrent/repercussions for scammers. Garbage like this will continue to happen with little to no recourse for anyone who decides to back a project.

  10. And if you support crowd funding, you're a complete twat. This type of shit is all too common. This is also why I never support luck starter. If the game is successful and is actually produced, I buy the game ie plague road or Yooka laylee.

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