Create an RPG – Clickteam Fusion 2.5 – Pt 1 (Clickteam Tutorial)

Create an RPG game with Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Part 1. Create an RPG All Episode Playlist: For more please visit…


22 thoughts on “Create an RPG – Clickteam Fusion 2.5 – Pt 1 (Clickteam Tutorial)”

  1. it doesnt work…when i do the same exact thing as you do , my tile only appears at the rightbottom of the screen , but the first lines does work! like filling only the horizontal line ( X position) but when i put the second line ( the Y position) it doesnt work.

  2. I checked your vidéos. It's not perfect but you were getting better so i think you should have continue. Don't know why you stopped (i know youtube can be unmotivating..) but this would be cool to continue, you still have 8 hundreds subs dude

  3. I'm sorry man but I just wasted 18min. Ill check out some of your other videos but disappointed. You need to get to the point. I could have watched a tiling video. I understand where your going with it but you certainly beat around the bush. I need to see more demos on this program and people working with it. I could have just messed around with the program and learned that in 10 min on my own.

  4. i löve you channel dude ! keep up the good work and you may hit 1 million subs ! ! ! ! you can do it you can do it !!!! (by the way the ö is like a o but with two dots over it like i am swedish it´s complicated to explain and also ä is a a with two dots over it but you guys are saying it when you say a ÄÄÄÄÄÄ AAAAAA thats ít !)

  5. Great Tutorial – Keep doing it and if I can request is it possible for you to later in the process add a MiniMap Tile based, similar to games like Metroid or Castlevania where you can track larger maps, and each section of a Frame represents a small square in the map! That would be really handy. Further beside the normal RPG aspects you can try add things that people are interesting in but haven't found a really good resource out there. Keep it up!

  6. Hey you are back!!!!! Thank you for making more tutorials! I Subscribed to you a few weeks ago and just got Clickteam Fusion during the sale and am starting to try and lear it and its so awesome to see you making videos once more!

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