FAIRY TAIL EXPLAINED!!! | FairyTail Orgins | (FairyTail Minecraft Roleplay RPG)

Hey guys make sure you guys will like and watch the entire video! So hopefully you guys enjoy and make sure you comment about what you liked about the …


19 thoughts on “FAIRY TAIL EXPLAINED!!! | FairyTail Orgins | (FairyTail Minecraft Roleplay RPG)”

  1. I just want to say the only reason I started watching and liking your videos was because I was interested what a evil wizard who isn’t really mean or rude so good job PS have you and xylo discused about you guys basically rivals you came at the same time in season two I think and you were both on the same level as xylo Ritchie and mevoda so you guys are kinda rivals that’s what I thought when I saw you pranking him

  2. can you go talk to Michele and get into a fight or just talk it out so you both get more people into the roleplay he having that problem to p.s I'm sorry if I'm annoying you just a suggestion

    1. Put tnt on fairyes at mario's base
    2. Put tnt on fairyes in front of xylo's base and leave note to mario that he needs his help (and wrote it like xylo wrote it) and mario is going to think that xylo did it because mario knows that xylo hates them and that's end of the w.a.v.e
    3. Spy on xylo and try to find out where is panda

  4. There's an evil wizard called zaromaru so you can talk to him and team up he likes to build and to grow stronger he has a lot of minions tho he hasn't uploaded any fto lately but he is probably growing stronger and building stuff oh and Apple

  5. hey orange sorry that i sayd every time that u cheated i was just little salty abound it becouse i really like your roleplay and i want u to understand some things and could u make list of banned items/magic so we wont ask for it?

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