Game Character Hub – Creating RPG Maker Character Sprites

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  1. Do you have to have RPG Maker XP installed to get the graphics and charters or are they already in the system. I have RPG maker VX ace and MV but I am tired of the Chibi look I would love to make and add in Character like the once seen and found in RPG maker XP.

  2. Hey, I'm having a slight problem. It completely refuses to save. It shows that it's there and everything but other then that there's nothing. Like when I pull it up to import into VX Ace or just to check if it's there in the Database already because I put it in directly, it doesn't show up.

  3. Is there a way to expand the size of the sprites?  As in the art area given for each frame can it be expanded with more tiles to create larger characters or tiles?

  4. Hi TheGoobHub how do I create an Actor Battler in Game Character Hub? Think of Holder's Battlers for example. I ask because I see the option for creating a new Actor Battler and yet I don't see any parts for it in the Game Character Hub. Any idea why that option is even there when there isn't any parts to make one? Plus I already searched through Goggle and I've found nothing about it.

  5. Good but without a 'Bust Generator' to go with it, it 'Feels' incomplete.  VX/Ace Face generator doesn't really look that good and doesn't have the full upper body that some would want.  For what it does though?  Great.

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