How to Reskin Sprites – RPG Maker MV Tutorial

Hello everyone, in this video tutorial I’ll show you a way to re-skin your sprites so you can quickly make multiple enemy character sheets without having to make …


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  1. another neat trick that will create some awesome looking enemy variations is the color picker xP choose a color then alter. If set to a low mode it will only change the colors absolutely close to the one you picked. This can create unique markings, stripes, spots, and so on on the various enemies.

    and then there's the other route, make them 50% opacity and glow with an inner glow at a low opacity! now you have irradiated ghost enemies lol. So many things can be done to make unique variations without much thought or time put into it.

  2. Great video man, looks like I'll have a little project to do attemepting this. I've never been into photo manipulation, is Gimp a free software?

    I've been thinking of recoloring those monster sprites to match the different hues for the enemy battlers.

  3. Another effective way is recoloring the image and changing little details (like giving the character a mace instead of a sword). The Etrian Odyssey series uses this to great effect, they basically create 8 characters out of 2 images and they dont look that similar.

  4. Recoloring in Gimp is way easier. Just set up the grid view, decide whether or not you want the entire sheet or not to have the same recoloring. If you do want the entire sheet, then select all and use the Colorize. If not select the section you want, using the selection tool(s) and then use Colorize.
    And if you want it to just be darker or lighter, but not change the color, instead of colorize use Hue-Saturation.
    Way easier.

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