Kingdom Come: Deliverance | Let’s Play 01 – RPG Gameplay in Medieval Europe (PC Ultra High Graphics)

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an RPG of epic proportions, set in Medieval Europe – specifically 15th century Bohemia. Join me in this let’s play as I try to make Henry, the Blacksmith’s son,…


25 thoughts on “Kingdom Come: Deliverance | Let’s Play 01 – RPG Gameplay in Medieval Europe (PC Ultra High Graphics)”

  1. Given the tutorial is 7 hours long, and Let's Player's won't read the text help in this game, expect LP'ers to get more and more confused at the intricacies of the game!

  2. Currently downloading KCD after I decided that installing from my discs would take two times the time than just downloading it from scratch. This is most certainly the best way to bridge those 40 minutes until I can start playing. 😀

  3. Look great, the only thing that I don't like is when the conversations have silences way too big and it doesn't seems fluid. Apart of that everything seems pretty good, best part seems to be the script by far.

  4. So this instead of Divinity eh? I can get behind that.

    EDIT: Loving it so far, but maybe turn the graphics down a tad its pretty laggy. Or at least hopoefully thats lag and the game isnt just janky.

  5. Ah, this is the game that was criticised for not featuring any person's of colour despite being set in medieval Bohemia. That controversy is what put this game on my radar to start with, always been fascinated with the that region of Europe so will probably give this playthrough a miss so I can experience it myself, my apologies PartyElite.

  6. For those looking at potentially getting this game check out ACG reviews it will give an objective review. Great too see party cover another style of game keep it up 👍👌

  7. I had a great time watching this video and i cant wait for more of it! Something I couldn't stop noticing was how henry bobs his head when he talks, its not smooth and looks like an amateur animator didn't know how to do a small normal nod.

  8. Thank you for the proper introduction. Party Elite. I do like your gameplay in general.
    I wonder if they at some point will introduce Czech voice lines, so I can hear the local language with English subtitles.

  9. I love this game….. And specially the graphics is fantastic. But I am unable to get my hands on a Graphics card…. Looking to buy a 1080ti but…. It is not available…… I don't know how this game will run on my current setup. I really hope I get to play this game.

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