1 thought on “RPG Pondering: Game Mechanics X + 1…”

  1. Mr. Tetsubo, I totally get what you're saying, and you absolutely have a right to your opinion, sir.

    I have similar issues with hero points, and action points, and the like. I never know when to use them. But I think there is one system that actually gets them right: Savage Worlds.

    Savage World "bennies" can be spent to re-roll skill and attribute checks. But, they can also be spent to soak wounds. So, if you don't want to use them for anything else, and just set them aside until you get hurt, that's an absolutely valid way to play.

    And I think this design is brilliant, and I've tried to incorporate something like this (that is, that you can do something with your hero points even if you do nothing with them) into other games that I run.

    But you don't have to agree with any of this, Mr. Tetsubo. 🙂

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