RPing in MMOs: A Beginner’s Guide [Introduction to Roleplay]

Learn what Roleplay (RP) is really about and how to get involved in it! This is a video guide to roleplaying in MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, The Elder Scrolls Online, Guild Wars 2, Star…


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  1. Thanks! I'm a mom wo used to play a LOT of tabletop rpg's but I want to try my hand at MMORPG's like my now adult sons do. I just feel nervous cus unlike tabletops where I am mixing with folks I know, this reminds me more of high school volleyball (I am very short) and I feel like if I make a mistake, the other players will be so very mad at me. So I am looking around at videos for help. I am also a storytelling enthusiast so thank you for putting it all in that framework.

  2. Awesome video. I've been getting into rp recently and these videos are a big help. On an unrelated note, are you going play Black Desert when it comes out? It seems like it would be really good for rp.

  3. Excellent video! As a long-time Roleplayer I really enjoyed seeing it explained for those who are still foreign to the concept. For some reason (Probably the over-abundance of ERP) Roleplay in online games has become something of a taboo. It's such a shame too, but I guess you never got to play Neverwinter Nights 1 or 2 during their primes? They are by far the most RP-friendly (Thanks in large part to the dedicated community) of all online rpgs, and they are usually set in D&D forgotten realms.

  4. Wel you explains rp verry well and make some good points, although I myself I am not that good in it. While my previous fleet did some rp, but my opinion is that rp works only the best if your factions is in to rp (atleast for Star Trek Online). Otherwise it becomes quit hard to get into it, or to start it.

  5. You, sir, worded this in the EXACT same style I would have if I had endeavored to make a video series like this. I was once a relatively prominent of a strong roleplaying group filled with friendly people that attracted a lot of attention, but was ultimately disbanded back into a place to hang out because of the sheer number of trollers and lore-breaking a*ses that showed up, which DID inspire me to write a guide on how to properly roleplay without turning it into something so rank-and file that it wasn't anymore a roleplay….but I was too lazy and too discouraged by the trolls. Keep up the awesome work, and continue to inspire everyone to follow their inner nature of curiosity and adventure XD

  6. I shared this on my own Twitter and we have decided t share also in the Resources section on the Laurelin Archives – thank you for a very well made and useful guide Floyd  *cheers* 

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