“Does this game’s story take place after the end of the TOME Webseries?” “Is this canon to the show and when does it occur in the timeline?” “Is this connected to …


30 thoughts on “The TOME RPG is a NEW CANON.”

  1. Alright, but here's a more valid question.
    Has this universe's version of the Virus incident already happened?
    Some characters appear to keep their personal progression from the series, like Archie being friends with Rockoon. It's interesting, and somewhat confusing.

  2. Damn shame I wasn't able to put in my $1,000 to make my character and have a plot in the game. Would have made my character the Nemesis for the main playable character and mention about if this would be the third time this game had been made and that you're just another incarnation of another dream. It would sound like utter Madness to the other characters but it's also a good fourth wall break

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