TOME RPG Kickstarter – Launching Sat. 9/30 @ 9 AM (PST)

We will be officially launching the Kickstarter campaign for the Terrain of Magical Expertise RPG project on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 30TH AT 9 AM (PST).


30 thoughts on “TOME RPG Kickstarter – Launching Sat. 9/30 @ 9 AM (PST)”

  1. So since TOME is essencially a MMO and the RPG will be a single player experience, is this going to be handled like the simulated MMO in the .hack and .hack G.U. video games for the PS2?

  2. All… my… yes… I'll be so trying to get this and I'll definitely try to get my guy in the game!
    Anyone have a clue to who they'd have added? My guys a white slime man with a, maybe 20 sided shape in his chest area.

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