TOME RPG Trailer & Kickstarter Presentation

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41 thoughts on “TOME RPG Trailer & Kickstarter Presentation”

  1. I'm hype for so many things in this game
    The soundtrack, Dumplin, the fighting system, the character redesigns…

    And more importantly, getting to see my OC have a nice drawing and dialogue.

  2. Ehhhhh… I would have to wait until this is further along for me to put any money into it. It looks ok, but it doesn't look too great in the battles yet and doesn't look like something I would pay for. I'll keep tabs on it, but I hope you guys polish it a lot more.

  3. Never been comfortable with backing anything before, and never had the money. But damn I had to go and do it immediatly congratulations on already almost reaching your goal!

  4. YES, i saw my character… whom was only in the last episode, last scene as a background character. But still, i cant wait to make her.

    Ok… note to self, save up money… must make my OC a boss if possable.

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