Top RPG News of the Week – Nov 26 2017 (Bloodborne, Titan Quest, ESO)

Top RPG & Game News of the Week on Bloodborne, The Elder Scrolls Online, Titan Quest: Ragnarok and more! Fextralife brings you the week’s top RPG …


4 thoughts on “Top RPG News of the Week – Nov 26 2017 (Bloodborne, Titan Quest, ESO)”

  1. Biomutant looks so geeewwwdddd. & That new creature that was found in bloodborne 3 years later…. gahdamn those chalice dungeons can be rough as shit lol

  2. So I started bloodborne group for active people trying to max lvl, receive millions of echoes, or just want to co-op or pvp. Over 50 people already and we started less than 36 hours ago. So come, play, and discuss… I'll even be giving out millions of echoes (most days) to people with the corruption rune and have a mic. I've put the name bellow but the name will change with the date (unless I get sick of that ×.×)
    Can't wait to hear from you guys

    Bloodborne MILLIONS OF ECHOES still active!!! (11/25/2017)

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